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Global Security: Threat based assessments

Threat based security

Your security has to be relevant and appropriate. Halkyn Consulting uses a threat and asset model to help you determine what security is most suitable for your specific set of circumstances and threats.

Our threat driven services.

Security Training - Bolster your defences

Security Awareness

Employees are often the first defence against security threats and, unfortunately, often the easiest to circumvent. We can help you change this by implementing a robust & effective awareness programme for all your key stakeholders.

We help your training & awareness.

Halkyn Consulting - We Solve Your Problems

We solve your problems

We focus on your needs, to analyse your security issues and to help address them in the most cost-effective way. We provide a bespoke service, not a "one-size fits all" approach, so you can be sure of security advice that fits you perfectly.

Our holistic security approach.

Security Consulting - Help & Advice

Cost Effective Security

Cost-effective Security to grow your business

Poor or inadequate security can cost your business dearly. Every week we hear about security breaches which lead to regulatory fines and loss of reputation. Not only does investing in good security help you manage these risks, but by showing your commitment you can win new business and open up new customer markets.

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Security Resources

Security Resources

Halkyn Consulting is committed to helping you with your security improvements. To that end we have produced a selection of resources available for free download.

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Halkyn Security Consultants - Pursuing Excellence

Halkyn Consulting Ltd is an independent security consultancy. We don't supply security equipment or services and we don't have links to other businesses. Our advice is unbiased and objective. We are dedicated only to providing you the most cost-effective and complete security solutions for your needs.

Our consultants have gained their experience with multinational organisations, government agencies and defence clients. We are committed to putting our expertise to work to improve your security and protect your business as you grow in challenging marketplaces.

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Physical security is important for data protection


Physical security has always been a cornerstone of any Information Security program. As a topic, it is covered by every major security standard. Most have entire sections dedicated to physical security: ISO27001:2013 has A.11 “Physical and Environmental Controls“ The SoGP has CF3.3 “Sensitive Physical Information” and CF19 “Physical and Environmental Security” PCI-DSS Requirement 9 mandates […]

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DPA Registration is important if you want to avoid a fine


Here in the UK, the Data Protection Act (DPA) has been law for 14 years now (the act is dated 1998 and commenced in 2000). Despite this, there are some organisations who are not aware of their obligations to comply, even when it is clear they are handling data which would be protected under the […]

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Security logs can save your systems and data


It goes without saying that security logs are not the most interesting of topics. They are often viewed as a necessary evil, and in some instances they are even minimised to prevent storage or bandwidth issues. Both of these approaches are wrong. Boring or not, security logs are one of, if not the, the most […]

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City of London Police – update


As part of the cross-sector safety and security communications plan, the City of London police have announced today some significant changes being made to reinforce the ring of steel around the Square Mile. City of London Police: Ring of steel just got tougher New tactics, new tools and new technology will be launched in February […]

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Data protection needs good physical security


Data protection is frequently in the news as organisations more become aware of just how important it is to their business. Unfortunately all too often data protection measures focus on the technical aspects, overlooking the basic need for good physical security controls. Technical controls, such as encryption & access management are important for data protection […]

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