Security and Risk Management Specialists

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Security and Risk Management
We offer information security services
We offer physical security services
We provide travel security advice to keep you, and your VIPs safe

Our security experts will work with you to identify any security problems and develop cost effective solutions.

Security Consultancy

We will help you understand your security situation and develop cost effective improvement solutions.

If you've been hacked, or even don't know, we can help you investigate, gather evidence and establish the facts.

Incident Response

Security incidents are inevitable, when they happen to you we can help you respond and recover.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government certification to demonstrate essential security controls.

Certification Support

Grow your business by showing commitment to best practice and protecting the supply chain.

Free security resources, ISO27001 checklists and guidelines for improving your overall security posture.

Security Resources

Free downloads to help you improve your security now.

We Do Security

Security Consultancy Services

Our goal is to work with you to ensure that your security is robust, efficient and above all cost effective.
We can enable you to understand your security needs, develop new controls, respond to incidents, investigate breaches and demonstrate compliance across your supply chain.

Security Services

Security Assurance

Our premium service delivers you peace of mind from an initial security assessment with ongoing reviews, improvement work and security compliance checks.

Information Security

Our security experts will help you protect your data, and your customers' data, throughout its life-cycle, as well as ensuring your supply chain's controls are as robust as yours.

Physical Security

Protect your tangible assets (including staff) from real world threats. We can help you reduce losses, prevent crime and ensure your business is a safe environment.

Incident Response

If your security is breached we will help you contain the attackers, work out how they got in, what they did and how to prevent it happening in the future.

Digital Forensics

Our forensic experts will help you recover lost data, investigate breaches and support your disciplinary or legal activities producing evidential quality, legally admissible reports.

Security Training

Well trained, confident and knowledgeable staff are essential to your security. We can provide you with bespoke packages for all employees through to specialist mentoring.

Halkyn Consulting offer a range of security services to support your business

Security Compliance

We can help you prove you are doing the right thing!

Security compliance is an essential mechanism for showing your clients, customers, regulators and key stakeholders that you take security seriously

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How we work

Halkyn Security offers a world class service

A threat-based approach

We help improve security and manage risk, through detailed analysis of realistic threats, assessments of business need and cost effective mitigation. Our realistic risk assessments cover the full range of threats to people, property and information. We balance the likelihood of risks against the severity of their impact. Sometimes, we'll surprise you.

Our advice will help you to get the best value from your security budget. If your existing processes work, we'll tell you. We won't scare you into unnecessary measures . We aren't linked to other companies so you can trust our objectivity.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to delivering a world class service and all our consultants hold recognised, industry–leading qualifications:
Certified Protection Professional - Board Certified in Security Management

Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Chief Information Security Officer Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional