Office Security Checklist – Free Download

Office security is important for any business, from multinationals with offices across the globe to sole-traders working from home. Your office is likely to have most of the important information for your business (such as vital customer records and bank account details) and with the widespread use of information technology, it is where your computers, and other capital assets reside.

As part of Halkyn Security’s continuing community awareness program, we have produced a simple, one-page office security checklist for free download.

Download this, print it off and distribute copies locally – ideally at least one per office – so that all  your staff can have an idea of what they can do to help keep your business premises secure.

This is just as useful for home users as well – it is a good checklist for when you are going away for a few days or any time your house will be unoccupied.

If you want more advice from our expert security consultants, would like a security survey to see what your risks really are or are interesting in how we can help you, your staff, and your family remain secure in the most cost effective manner, then get in touch today.


Taz Wake - Halkyn Security

Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over 19 years experience providing in-depth security risk management advice to government and private sector organisations. Experienced in assessing risks, and producing mitigation plans, worldwide in both peaceful areas and war zones. Additionally, direct experience carrying out investigations into security lapses, producing evidential standard reports and conducting detailed interviews to ascertain the details of the incident. Has a detailed understanding of the Security Policy Framework (SPF) and JSP440, as well as in depth expertise in producing cost-effective solutions in accordance with legislative and regulatory guidelines. Experienced in accrediting establishments and networks as well as project managing the development of secure, compliant, workable business processes.