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Phishing and Malware – FedEx missed delivery

FedEx Delivery Phishing Email - there is no reason ANYONE should ever open this attachment.

It seems that every day, new script kiddies discover the likes of the Social Engineering Toolkit or Metasploit and launch a new wave of phishing attacks. Unfortunately it seems that this time the attackers are too lazy to even try. Today’s email – screenshot on the right –┬áis a reasonably straight forward phishing attempt. The […]

Finphishing – 8 steps to criminal profits

FinPhishing - short and succinct message, simple to generate but potentially deadly to the victim.

FinPhishing – or financial spear phishing – is a form of social engineering attack which is becoming massively profitable for the criminal enterprises involved. Unfortunately for the victims it is very cheap to deploy and nearly always gets past technological security controls such as spam filtering and malware detection. As a result of this, businesses […]

Phishing attacks continue to evolve and spread malware

Phishing Email - note the detail attempting to give it an air of legitimacy.

As most internet users know, phishing attacks are very common. The term itself dates back to 1995 (e.g. AOHell) and social engineering (which is basically what phishing is) goes back as long as we have had societies. At a basic level, phishing is an attempt by a malicious party to get the recipient (victim) to […]

Google launches malware warning service

Google launches malware warning service

Yesterday, the well known and heavily used internet search engine Google introduced a service by which it will warn users when it detects malware signatures on their computer. Working in a similar manner to anti-virus, Google believe they have identified signatures in the data users send as part of their search queries which enable it […]

Spear phishing attacks, prevalent & successful

Spear phishing attacks, prevalent & successful

Previously we mentioned a news item that claimed the International Monetary Fund had been the victim of a “spear phishing” security breach. It seems that this is far from an isolated incident and that malicious groups are moving away from the more “traditional” methods of blanket spam campaigns and towards the more targeted (and normally […]