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Halkyn Consulting Ltd is a North Wales based security consultancy that offers security risk management advice to clients of all sizes across the globe. As a truly independent consultancy, we ensure that the advice we provide to our clients is always set in their best interests to ensure the maximum cost-effectiveness to any security solution.

Having worked with multinational clients, small businesses and individual home owners, we provide broad experience and are expert at tailoring security solutions to meet your needs. Our services cover physical security, information security, security policy development, security awareness and training and our gold-standard package, the Annual Security Assurance service. By mixing and matching from our services, you can ensure that you get the best quality advice for the situation you are in. All our services are driven by realistic threat assessments and our first step will always to be to ensure that you aren’t asking for anything you dont need.

By taking advantage of our experience, you can gain access to the advice and knowledge of consultants with over 15 years experience working in Security with government agencies, the military and private corporations. This can help you win new business (especially with government or financial clients), retain and reassure your existing customers and protect your profits. One important point to keep in mind, is that since 2010, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been able to fine a company or individuals up to £500,000 for a breach of the Data Protection Act. While it is unlikely that this maximum penalty will be applied (certainly for a first offence), the fact remains that failing to protect the personal data in your possession puts your business at risk.

For the small – medium enterprise, hiring a dedicated information security officer is frequently overkill (and will cost in excess of £60,000 a year in salary alone). We believe that a better approach is to take advantage of our services to get security advice as and when you need it.

Dont wait until after you have a breach to build security in to your business.


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