Security Guide for the Small to Medium Business

As part of our continuing effort to help raise security awareness and provide business with the tools to improve their own security posture, Halkyn Consulting has produced a security guide for free download.

Specifically aimed at the small – medium enterprise sector, this guide is there to help you build your own security posture and begin the ongoing process of risk assessing your business activities. It is not meant to replace the expert advice given by security professionals, instead it is there to help your team (be they full time or part time security officers) and give you a framework to build upon.

You are free to share this guide with all your employees and pass on to others as you see fit, although we do ask that you do not alter any of the content.

If you find this useful and would like to speak to our consultants for further advice or to find out how we can help you (and your security team if you have one) improve the protection offered to your business then contact us today. Not only do we offer fully free, no obligation quotes but we will never press for you to take business that doesn’t directly benefit your company.

Don’t risk your assets, your reputation and your customers. Take steps to improve your security today.

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