WordPress Updates

Hot on the heels of WordPress 3.2, a maintenance release update has been issued.

As is normally the case, unless you have a strong reason not to, it is best to update to the latest version – although, of course, if you are running a business critical application under wordpress make sure you put it through a proper test and release process.

WordPress 3.2.1 should be a very quick update for most people who are already on 3.2 as one of the new features that version brought in lets wordpress only update the files that have changed. For anyone on a version older than 3.2 it is certainly worth updating your back end although be prepared for some cosmetic changes to the admin dashboard.

Some people have commented that they get an “out of memory” error when trying to run the automatic update, from what we can gather this happens when there are lots of plugins enabled and can be solved by temporarily disabling the plugins. Just make sure to re-enable them as soon as the upgrade has completed.

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