Happy New Year! Time to improve your security.

Halkyn Consulting would like to wish a Happy New year to all our readers, customers (past, present and future) and anyone else interested enough to visit this blog.

We will look to resume normal blog service next week and as part of our plans for this year we are going to produce a series of physical and information security assessment tools to allow you to baseline your existing security. This will then enable you to have an excellent insight into what areas need improvement and it will assist you in deciding when the best time to engage the services of an independent security consultant is.

The media christened 2011 as the Year of the Hacker with numerous very high profile security breaches causing millions of pounds worth of damage and an untold amount of reputational damage. Ironically, most of these breaches could have been defended against with some very simple, low-cost security measures.

So, now the end of year festivities are over, make at least one of your New Year’s resolutions a commitment to properly assess your security (business, home, etc) and take the right steps towards improving it.

Secure your business – we dont want 2012 to be another year of the hacker.

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