HMG Security Policy Framework – Version 8

You are probably aware that the Cabinet Office have recently issued Version 8 of the Security Policy Framework (SPF). This is the document that provides the overarching framework for security compliance with Government and for any organisations wishing to connect to the Government network or do business with HMG.

Previously we have published versions of our Security Compliance tool to match each release of the SPF, the most recent was Version 7, which we published in December 2012.

However, the latest update to the SPF has not altered any of the main mandatory requirements (the Tier 1 – 3 Controls within the framework), rather it has been an update of the Tier 4 supporting documents. As this material is not made publicly available, we are not able to make a compliance tool publicly available. Fundamentally, the self assessment tool for SPF version 7 is equally applicable for SPF version 8, but anyone carrying out the assessment would need to be aware of the changes to the Tier 4 materials when they assessed each control area.

Our SPF Compliance Checklist, version 7 is still available for download. If you have any questions or would like additional details, please get in touch.