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Pre-employment screening helps reduce the risk from your workforce.

Pre-employment Security Screening – Reducing the workforce risk

pre-employment screening
Pre-employment screening helps reduce the risk from your workforce.

It can be hard for a business to bring in new workers. The trusted insider poses a unique threat to any organisation – not only can the insider do you considerable harm but, for your business to function, you have to be able to trust your employees and let them get on with their job.

If this wasnt bad enough there are also risks to you, and your organisation, driven by Government legislation – in the UK you face a fine of £10,000 or 2 years in jail per worker if you hire illegal migrants – and the reputational harm that can arise from hiring the wrong person.

One of the more effective ways you can manage this risk, is to have a well thought out pre-employment screening program. To assist with this, we have put together a slidedeck covering the key points you should be looking at:

As with all security risks, it is impossible to completely eliminate the threat, but if you have a well planned (and properly documented) recruitment process that covers this screening, you are able to use a statutory defence (in the UK at least) against any fine or penalty from the UK Border Agency. This alone makes it well worth the effort for any employees you hire.

There are additional hidden pitfalls – such a making sure you screen all employees rather than ones you believe more likely to be illegal migrants based on ethnicity, and making sure you repeat document checks on a regular basis to ensure work permits havent expired – so this is an area you should devote a lot of effort to make sure you get it right.

If you want more help and advice in putting together a HR / Pre-employment screening process then please get in touch.

Taz Wake - Halkyn Security

Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over 19 years experience providing in-depth security risk management advice to government and private sector organisations. Experienced in assessing risks, and producing mitigation plans, worldwide in both peaceful areas and war zones. Additionally, direct experience carrying out investigations into security lapses, producing evidential standard reports and conducting detailed interviews to ascertain the details of the incident. Has a detailed understanding of the Security Policy Framework (SPF) and JSP440, as well as in depth expertise in producing cost-effective solutions in accordance with legislative and regulatory guidelines. Experienced in accrediting establishments and networks as well as project managing the development of secure, compliant, workable business processes.

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