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Mounted Officer - City of London Police. Photo by William Warby (

City of London Police – update

As part of the cross-sector safety and security communications plan, the City of London police have announced today some significant changes being made to reinforce the ring of steel around the Square Mile.

City of London Police: Ring of steel just got tougher

Mounted Officer - City of London Police. Photo by William Warby (
Mounted Officer – City of London Police. Photo by William Warby

New tactics, new tools and new technology will be launched in February to help protect the Square Mile from the threat of terrorism and wider crime.

New tactics: Following a successful pilot scheme towards the end of 2012 and further refinements throughout last year, a new, multi-layered approach to deter hostile reconnaissance throughout the City will be adopted as ‘business as usual’ from 10 February under the new name of Project Servator.

The new policing tactics involve replacing the old-style, single staffed entry points with highly visible deployments that can occur anywhere in the City at any time and draw on a range of varying resources including specially trained overt and plain-clothed officers, marked and unmarked vehicles, cycles, horses and dogs and other measures that may not be visible including CCTV.

This activity will be supported by officers trained to engage with and reassure visitors and the local community who also have an important role to play by reporting any suspicious behaviour and explaining to their staff and customers about the nature of the operations.

New tools and technology: In-car Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and video systems have been fitted to 22 marked police vehicles and new, back office, software will ensure that all intelligence can be produced more efficiently and used in a more targeted way. Months of extensive trials are now complete and the new system goes live in February. ​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​This significant capital spend will bring important benefits to officers working out on the streets. ​

​​​​​​​Commander Operations, City of London Police, Wayne Chance, said:

“Protecting the City as a global financial centre remains a key priority for the City of London Police and, as the nature of the threat evolves, deterrence and detection measures need to develop accordingly.”

​​”As a force, we are the pioneers of a new approach to policing that aims to deter and detect criminal and terrorist activity, as well as to reassure the general public.”

​​​”These new tactics, coupled with the new technology and tools to support our officers out on the street, will mean a more enhanced and strategic approach to protecting the Square Mile and is part of our drive to deploy our resources more effectively and more intelligently.”

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