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Security Policy Development

Policies, plans, procedures and standards drive security

Security policies set the direction for your organisation and demonstrate management’s commitment to protecting the business. Security plans & procedures show how to implement security at an operational level. Security standards set the requirements for your security controls and employee behaviour. Our security specialists will work with you to ensure that you have the best possible sets of documentation to support your organisation’s goals. See our testimonials.

Security Policy Development Services

What we do

Develop the right policies for you

We’ll work with you to tailor a specific and relevant set of security policies that fit into your business goals, following international best practice and global security standards.

Prepare document sets

A Security Policy document defines the rules that your organisation will apply to ensure the security of its assets. We can help you build full document sets of policies, plans, procedures, standards and guidelines to ensure that your staff, contractors and other key stakeholders fully understand how to keep your business secure.

Security Document Development Services

We can help you develop and implement any security documentation your organisation needs. Some examples of the services we provide include:

Policy Review: Comprehensive Assessment

We review your existing security policies to determine the level of compliance with the standards of your choice. If you are in a regulated environment we can help you to determine how you measure up against the applicable standards. We’ll enable you to get a full understanding of the policies in place and to evaluate how effective they are in protecting your business.

Identifying Security Standards

Our security consultants will work with you and your key stakeholders to develop and document the right security policies for your business. We have experience of helping clients to meet the requirements of a wide range of international information security standards including: ISO27001 / ISO27002; ISF SoGP;UK and US Government security standards (for example SPF and NIST SP documents); as well as localised requirements such as the BSI Standard 100-1 and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulation 201 CMR 17.

Document Development

We’ll help you ensure that all your documentation and record keeping is fully compliant with any relevant standards or frameworks. We will help you underpin these by developing accurate standards and effective processes & procedures to enable all your associates and employees to assist in maintaining your security posture.

Awareness & Implementation Advice

When you are happy with the content and coverage of your security documentation, we can work with your organisation to ensure that the policies, standards, procedures and guidelines are fully integrated into your business processes and understood by all your employees.

Embedding Security Policies

We’ll work with you to develop the most cost effective security processes and procedures. We’ll support essential processes such as building a risk management team.

We will help you back up your new processes and procedures with appropriate security documentation to ensure auditable compliance with international standards