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Security Services - Testimonials

Feedback we have had from clients we have worked with

We have been providing security and risk management consultancy advice since 2010 and we strive to ensure our clients are completely satisifed with our services. As well as our core services, we have also provided bespoke packages for clients covering enterprise risk management solutions, government & financial services compliance and much more.


We have worked with a wide range of clients, from multinational organisations, to non-profits to small businesses in the local area. We love to get feedback from our clients but are also keen to ensure that all our clients get the privacy they want. To this end, as part of our engagement we will frequently ask you how things are going on but we will never publish a testimonial without your permission and will minimise identifiable details here.

As part of our drive to ensure we are able to fully respond to changing legislative requirements, we engaged Halkyn Consulting to provide us with an "emergency response" service. This allows us to be confident that if we have an incident, we have access to expert resource right when we need it without the cost of keeping our small team of employees constantly trained and ready. Owner of a small accountancy firm in NW England
Halkyn Consulting were engaged to help improve our network security after we'd undergone a significant period of growth. During the engagement they we able to identify an ongoing attack where a criminal organisation were attempting to steal commercially sensitive data. Fortunately their incident response was well aligned to our needs and we quickly resolved the issue. IT Director of a european manufacturing firm
Our B2B contracts frequently require we train our staff in cyber security and data protection. Using Halkyn Consulting has ensured that our training is current, relevant and above all very well recieved by our staff. Great work. Director at a UK outsourced service provider
Halkyn Consulting provided two consultants to assist us in making sure our service was fully compliant with our contractual obligations. Being able to get in touch when we had questions and having a security expert to support us in negotiations became a lifesaver on several occasions. Director of a multinational service organisaiton
A very professional and friendly service. Our organisation followed Halkyn Consulting’s advice and saved time and money by focussing on the critical risks. Director of a small service business in North Wales
We’d had a series of potential security breaches affecting online sales. We worried about losses and the possible legal consequences of risking customers’ personal information. Halkyn Consulting quickly reviewed our systems and recommended ways to secure our business. Chief Technology Officer of a nationwide business
Halkyn Consulting provided security training to my employees through a series of in-house training sessions to small groups.  Feedback was very positive. The staff found the training enjoyable and easy to absorb. They reported that they now felt that they understood their importance in securing the company’s assets and understood how to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Head of Security for a global services organisation.
Halkyn Consulting worked closely with my organisation’s security team to mitigate the effects of a serious breach and to help the organisation to achieve ISO standards compliance. The service provided was excellent throughout and the security consultants were well versed in their subject areas. Director of a commercial organisation working on Government contracts
Halkyn Consulting helped us with the physical security aspects of setting up in a brand new location. They worked with us to secure our premises and systems from the start. The partnership process has worked so well that we are now taking advantage of their annual security scheme. Managing Director of a nationwide manufacturing company