Preventing Identity Theft – free downloadable handout

Identity theft is a genuine risk, for you, your employees, your family and your customers. It may not happen as often as some of the media reports claim, but it happens and the impact can be devastating. If you, or your employees enable the theft of your customers identity data it can spell the end of your business. If you, your family or your employees are victims then the damage can be personally just as bad.

As part of our security awareness program we have published a Preventing Identity Theft Handout for you to copy (and amend as required) to share among your family, friends and staff to give them an idea of some very basic dos and donts when it comes to looking after their own data.

To use this handout, simply print out the middle page, add in the relevant contact details and share it as widely as possible.

For more information on our security awareness program, or to find out how we can help your business improve its security in the most cost effective manner, please get in touch with us today.

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  1. NoGoodSig

    Thanks for the download. It was really useful.
    It was easy to read and understand. You’ve given me some ideas that I am going to put into practice.

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