RSA to replace SecureID tokens – confirms Lockheed Hack linked to compromise

Today, RSA has confirmed that the compromise of its SecureID system assisted the hack on Lockheed Martin. Sadly, as with most things, RSA seem very slow and reluctant to release any information.

From PC Pro Magazine:

RSA has confirmed that information stolen from it by hackers lead to the attack against Lockheed Martin.

In March, RSA admitted it had been hacked, saying details of its SecurID system may have been leaked.

Last week, RSA customer Lockheed Martin said it too had been attacked, raising questions about why the defence contractor hadn’t better secured its systems following the SecurID breach.

As mentioned in our last article, it is likely that Lockheed Martin will survive this and even though damaged, RSA will probably survive, for most businesses this sort of impact would be the end.

Normally (and apparently in this situation) the big clients get dealt with first so if you use the RSA SecureID token as part of your multifactor authentication, but you aren’t a multinational US DoD contractor, you may want to consider an alternate set of controls until they get round to replacing your tokens. If you haven’t already done so, you need to be getting your risk management process underway.

Taz Wake - Halkyn Security

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