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North Wales Cyber Security Cluster – April 2016 Meeting

Cyber Security Cluster - April 2016

Cyber Security Cluster – April 2016 meeting

The North Wales Cyber Security Cluster is meeting on 21 April at Solvings Ltd, in Mold, Flintshire. Solvings provide a great location and the cluster is a wonderful opportunity to learn about cyber security.

Access to cluster meetings is free and everyone is welcome. No prior knowledge is needed. There really are no stupid questions!

Clusters exist across the UK and grew out of the UK Governments Cyber Security Strategy. In North Wales, meetings are monthly. Each session comprises a mix of presentations, information sharing and networking.

Halkyn Consulting is proud to be presenting a session on cyber attacks for the April meeting. We will look at why cyber security is different & why it matters. Following this, we will cover hackers. This will include what motivates them and what techniques they use.

In this session we will also present a case study involving a live “hacking” demonstration. This is based on an investigation we carried out for a UK client. The demonstration will show, in near real time, how swiftly hackers can compromise a system. This is true, even for a fairly well secured system.

If time allows, we will cover some additional cases involving blended attacks and newer tools. All of this is based on real-world examples of attacks hitting UK businesses.

To close our session, we will talk about incident response. This is a crucial part of every cyber security plan. We will look at three common IR models. We will also briefly cover the six steps of incident response. A future session will concentrate this in more detail.

Everyone really is welcome to the Cyber Security Cluster. Free up a couple of hours on Thursday and pop in to say hello. Please help to spread the word. North Wales can be a centre of Cyber Security excellence.

You can register for a seat via EventBrite or even just turn up on the day. See you there!

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